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  • Do I need to pay for subscription after the product was shipped?
    No, the subscription is required only for editor. As long as you use Mesh Morpher in editor you need a subscription. Once you don't use Mesh Morpher anymore or you package your game, you don't need a subscription
  • I can't find Mesh Morpher on UE Marketplace.
    It was high time Mesh Morpher had a home for itself. Have created an optimum commercial model along with latest developments (state-of-the-art functionalities) suitable for a leading solution in the VFX, virtual production and game development space. This new platform will enable users to be part of a Mesh Morpher focused community while having access to sharing best practices, tips and tricks.
  • I'm trying to subscribe but the Checkout button appears disabled on Order page.
    In rare cases when that happens, refreshing the page(Ctrl + F5) solves the issue.
  • I subscribed. How can I get Mesh Morpher?
    Once your subscription is confirmed, you can navigate to Licenses and download Mesh Morpher for the required platform. Please note that download links are available for 15 minutes and once they expire, you have to refresh the page.
  • Can I purchase multiple subscription types at once?
    Yes, you can have as many subscriptions you want.
  • What do I get with the subscription?
    With your subscription you receive access to Mesh Morpher for Editor and Runtime. All Mesh Morpher modules are pre-compiled.
  • How can I cancel a subscription?
    Navigate to Licenses and press Cancel on the Subscription you wish to cancel
  • What happens if I cancel my subscription during my subscription period?
    If you cancel your subscription, the license will still be active until the end of the subscription term, but it won't be renewed at the end that term.
  • I cancelled my subscription but I want to subscribe again
    In case you cancelled a subscription and want to subscribe again, you can always purchase a new one.
  • I subscribed but can't find my receipt.
    Receipts are delivered to email by our Payment Processor(Paddle). Contact us if you lost a receipt.
  • Can't see my License details on Mobile.
    The website performs best on desktops. You also received your license details on email(check spam folder).
  • How to disable auto-renewal of my license?
    Simply cancel the subscription and it won't be automatically renewed.
  • I need to change my License Key.
    If you leaked your License Key, contact us and we will sort it out.
  • Can I get my work featured in the Community section?
    Sure, send us a video along with your contact details and if your work stands out we will post it.
  • What functionality does the Lite(Free) version have?
    The Lite version is a Free version of Mesh Morpher. The functionality in Mesh Morpher Lite is limited to the following: Editor Tools: Create Morph Targets Delete Morph Targets Rename Morph Targets Duplicate Morph Targets Bake Morph Targets Blend Morph Targets Ruler for measurement Change Morph Targets Magnitude Copy(Project) Morph Targets to similar or identical meshes (with UV matching) LOD Support Reference Skeletal Mesh Meta Human DNA support (Baking and Morph Target editing) Create Standalone Morph Targets (new) Export Morph Targets to Static Meshes (new) Create and Edit Corrective Morph Targets (for Animation Poses, Animation Curves and Morph Targets) Export to OBJ Create from Mesh Files Sculpting Tools: Move Flatten Inflate Smooth Pinch Plane Sculpt Transform Runtime Tools: Project Standalone Morph Targets (works with identical or similar skeletal meshes) (new) Create Morph Targets from Standalone Morph Targets (works with identical or similar skeletal meshes) (new) Apply Standalone Morph Targets at runtime (new) Duplicate Standalone Morph Targets (new) Duplicate Skeletal Meshes (new) In order to get access to Mesh Morpher Lite, create an account and navigate to Licenses page.
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