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Mesh Morpher and Reallusion`s Character Creator 4

Updated: Jan 13

We all love CC4 and how easy it is to achieve great results with it.

For Character Creators in games, CC4 is gold and Mesh Morpher helps you to achieve even greater things very easy in engine.

Having different morphs with different skeletal proportions can be problematic when running animations on the character. If the vertices are too far away from their bones, then the animation looks bad and the mesh gets distorted.

We can fix that! Mesh Morpher has some powerful tools that can help fit skeleton to the Morph Targets, both in editor and at runtime. Those tools are Bonesnapshots and Poser.

Here is a video tutorial that can enable true CC4 character morphing in engine.

With just few clicks, we can morph the character's mesh and skeleton without breaking the animations.

Below is an animation test with a retargeted Quinn Walk animation to the CC4 Base character, with Slacker Bonesnapshot and morph target enabled.

The results are extraordinary! Not only we can customize characters, but we get to keep same animations.

For an other approach without using procedural generated bonesnapshots, we can also follow the below video. The below approach is a little bit longer as we don't create the bonesnapshots procedurally but we import the morphs skeletal meshes to create the bonesnapshots from their skeleton.

After we`ve created the bonesnapshots from the additional skeletal meshes, we can safely remove them from our projects.

If our CC4 morphs don't alter the skeleton, then we can totally skip the bonesnapshots and just use Morph Targets.

Hope you enjoy this!


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