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Track MetaHuman Deformations with Ruler

Updated: Jan 13

There's a new functionality in Mesh Morpher that allows us to measure and Track MetaHuman Deformations with Ruler. We can track how Morph Targets, Animations, Animations Curves affect our selected Points of Interest so we can better understand what we can do to fine-tune our skeletal meshes.

We can measure and track points in neutral but another important aspect of the ruler is that we can track and visualize how our points of interest are affected by deformations and animations.

This functionality I believe has a lot of potential for animators as well as it allows them to track how expressions impact their points of interest and even jump in and fine-tune expressions with corrective Morph Targets.

The ruler is integrated in Mesh Morpher Sculpt Tools and Poser.

The ruler can be saved, loaded, cleared. Adding points by left-clicking and removing points by right-clicking makes the ruler very easy to integrate in day to day workflows.


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