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Customize Meta Humans

Updated: Mar 28


I've decided to start this blog to easily push content that I consider useful to Mesh Morpher current and potential users.

Mesh Morpher is a powerful tool that allows in engine skeletal meshes customization, either by sculpting in Mesh Morpher, or by creating a pipeline between Mesh Morpher and your favorite DCC.

Customizing a Meta Human is fairly easy with Mesh Morpher and here are some major steps.

  1. You export your Meta Human to an OBJ/FBX file

  2. You modify the file in your favorite DCC

  3. You bring back the file in Mesh Morpher

  4. Fit the Meta Human skeleton to your sculpting

  5. Permanently bake the changes

To quickly fix eye components users can load Restore Tool and attempt a Relative Restore

Meta Humans are complex, they consist of two skeletal meshes, body and head, with two different skeletons. Mesh Morpher can handle all this and it can seamlessly fit both your skeletal meshes so they look like they belong together.

Here is a video showing how easy the skeleton can be modified to automatically fit your changes.

Mesh Morpher has some functionality specific to Meta Humans, like updating the DNA asset associated with the Meta Human, and also gives you the ability to export it.

This awesome functionality gives us a lot of freedom and it allows to move modified content easily between zbrush/blender->UE5->maya if needed.

Meta Humans use animation curves for expressions(blink, jaw open, frown etc.). This means that all facial movement is bone driven. However, every expression has its corrective Morph Target that can be modified by Mesh Morpher, either internally or by exporting to OBJ files and importing them back.

This is very powerful and allows us to achieve extraordinary level of customization.

That's amazing. Having the possibility to fully customize and fix all possible visual errors that can occur during animations, makes Mesh Morpher one of the best tools in the engine.

Hope you find this article useful. Don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions.

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Sep 14, 2023


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