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Dynamically Morph Full Body Meta Humans and Skeletons

Updated: Jan 16

Hello everyone,

Mesh Morpher received a new update that allows us to achieve another great thing: the ability to morph meta humans and their skeletons dynamically, without baking.

If you're curious on how to create the Morph Targets in an external software like Zbrush, here it is.

To dynamically morph both skeletons, we make use of Mesh Morpher's Bonesnapshots that are created through the Poser.

We procedurally generate the Bonesnapshots by fitting the skeleton to the Morph Targets and then we update the Morph Targets to reflect the deltas between the skeleton changes and the final desired shape. Sounds complicated, but it's fairly easy.

We don't bake anything! We use animation post process blueprints for both head and body to Load Bonesnapshots and enable their correspondent Morph Targets.

This gives us an enormous amount of freedom. We can enable all this just by creating some simple logic and changing the value of a float variable. In the below video we're using Sequencer to turn a Meta Human into a Beast.

I've created a video tutorial which takes you though the entire process. Check out the below video.

This is it. This is how you morph Full Body Meta Humans and their Skeletons.

Hopefully you find this useful. Don't forget to share what you built with this functionality.

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