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How to Fix Sequencer Control Rig Arms in Poser


In this post we're going to talk about matching poses between your custom meta human body and the original body.

We require matching poses if you plan to animate the body in Sequencer, otherwise we don't really need to waste time with this.

Here's the problem:

Pose issue

In Sequencer, while the body Control Rig is active, we get a weird lower arm deformation. That's because the control rig expects UpperArm, LowerArm and Hand bones to have Y and Z in position set to 0, same as in the original Meta Human.

For this video we only adjust LowerArm and Hand. We load our body skeletal mesh in Poser and set the Y and Z to 0 for the above bones and we will see that by doing this we get in Poser the same strange deformation that we get in Sequencer.

Creating a Morph Target from this Pose will allow us to sculpt from it and create a delta later on which we will bake along with our skeleton changes.

Once we create our Morph Target we open it in Mesh Morpher sculpting tools and restore the deformed area. To fix this problem we need to sculpt. There's no other way around it if you wanna make it look good.

Once we got the Morph Target look good, we update it from the zeroed bones pose and bake it.

Problem solved! This is How to Fix Sequencer Control Rig Arms in Poser

Here is a video showing how we do this:

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