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Fix Meta Human Eyes with Relative Restore

Updated: Feb 28


In this article I'm going to show you a new functionality in Mesh Morpher which is called Relative Restore.

We all know how difficult is to handle all eye components for Meta Humans.

The eyes in Meta Human are composed from several components:

  1. Eye balls (Left and Right)

  2. Eye edge

  3. Eyelashes

  4. Eye shell

When we sculpt our meta human in an external software like Zbrush or even in Mesh Morpher, keeping all these components aligned properly can turn into a difficult and time consuming task. For each component we would have to sculpt and align properly.

With Mesh Morpher we can now save tremendous amount of time. Relative Restore comes to save our day. We don't need Maya or any other external software for this.

By selecting eye components and relative section(s) we can refit everything with only 1 click.

This can be extended to teeth and saliva components as well.

To fix Meta Human Eyes with Relative Restore you need Mesh Morpher 3.1.5 and above.

Here is a video demonstrating and explaining how Relative Restore works.

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