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In-Engine Deformations

Mesh Morpher allows you to create/remove/modify morph targets easily from within Unreal Engine 5.



Sculpt Morph Targets in-engine using various Tools 


Create Morph Targets from FBX/OBJ File or other Skeletal Meshes


Bake Morph Targets to Skeletal Meshes 


Modify Skeletons and update Meta Human DNA bone expressions.


Customize Expressions using corrective Bonesnapshots and Morph Targets

Fit Skeleton

Fit Skeletons to any deformation



To request a 7 days trial of Mesh Morpher write to us below. We only grant trial access to studios and artists who have serious intentions and good reasons for evaluating our software.

Everyone else is welcome to create an account and use the Lite version of Mesh Morpher.

To have a good chance of receiving trial access for Mesh Morpher please provide the following information:

  • Who you are, your or your studio's full name and background

  • Your position within your company

  • A link to your or your studio's portfolio website

  • Reason why you want to evaluate Mesh Morpher

  • Your intentions after trial expires

We will get back to you shortly once you submit your request.

Pug Life Studio S.R.L.

Thanks for submitting!

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